Ing. Luca Ciarlatani

Since 1997, we are addressing all those who believe that innovation is the most important factor in every business.

The speed with which everything changes in the world of technology is dizzying. “Out there” are the right tools that could make the leap of quality, open up new markets, create new operational logic, open doors that even did not imagine the existence.

But innovation is not easy: it requires multidisciplinary skills. The innovator is a synthesis of contrasts: brave but prudent, with a solid experience but sufficient flexibility. And above all, it is necessary to know, to be informed constantly. Whether it’s “cloud”, “Internet of Things,” 3D printing, blockchain, autonomous guidance, robotic, deep learning: you do not need to know everything about everything but just enough to find the links between the new technologies.

It is not necessary to call Elon Musk to change the world. There are already thousands of proven enabling technologies that can bring enormous business benefits: cloud, rfid, crm, mobile, web services, …

Innovation rewards itself with measurable cost savings. If not, it is now supported with, for example, the opportunity to take advantage of “Industry 4.0” tax benefits.

Those who believe in everything find a partner of excellence in the study. Interested in a comparison? Contact us.

… to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Ing. Luca Ciarlatani